A Lost Scroll – Session 1 (September 25, 2017)

These notes concerning the activities of the Rogue Collective were compiled by an unknown source familiar with the group:

Awakened underground, with no memory of method or time of arrival, our Rogue Collective fought naked, tooth and nail for a long sought after escape.

A quick trek across unknown runes among ruins seemingly awakened an abhorrence of which no one was able to lay claim of sight of the source.

Kane, 1/2 Orc Ranger, suffered a glimpse of a sliver of the entity, yet still indescribable. He made a panicked haste to the exit fighting something he chose to keep to himself.

Hours into the ascent through the tunnel, the group found their belongings among hundreds of others’, neatly folded and stored away. Paired with stage binoculars and costume banquet masques. Their rations and any perishables were missing.

Well-equipped and out of the tunnels, blood on blade and boots, the Rogue Collective found freedom in a chorus of cries of the imprisoned, howls of aural nightmares and upon foot on level ground saw the burrow behind them twist and turn into a creature they’ve never seen. Reality ruptured.

They found and made meat of their slavers and their leader without hesitation. As a corpse, the captor in charge rose from the ground, defying death, to dance and flourish as he revealed to the Collective the plan of his liege and the pieces needed to complete it. His cadaver was a puppet of charm and magic mouth. A voice not his own, too eager to reveal all that was to take place.

A short trip after with the aid of a fellow former captive and the group arrived in a poor town on an unremarkable crossroads.

Notable –

You were captured by slavers to dig deep underground, deeper than the Underdark.

You have no idea when or how long you’ve been held.

The one, as far as you’re able to tell, who orchestrated it is known only as “The Necrodancer.”

He wishes to summon the “Nightmare Anathema”, celestial blights, older than time, Gods of Gods, whose minds are considered whole realities onto their own. With their awakening he wants to use his power to influence their perception/cognizance/ego’s to bend reality to his image.

To do so he requires 4 things.

  1. Tunnels to weaken their “shell” (This is completed you suspect, you and hundreds if not thousands of others were forced to do so)
  2. A source of longer, if not everlasting, life. His plan will take time, more than anyone has without aide.
  3. An artifact or source of power to draw the moon. (No one knows why)
  4. An audience. (Key reveal to his ego)

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