A Lost Scroll – Session 2 (October 02, 2017)

More tales of the Rogue Collective as revealed through a lost scroll recently found:

With their first step into “Low Torch” a trade town changing almost daily, the Rogue Collective made top priority of a bed with booze and food for a day’s stint with gold recovered from their previous excursion, ignoring the haste of the innkeeper rushing them in at sun’s set. Missing an ally to poor health and making a new friend from poor timing, they explored the area gathering little info on their whereabouts only to fall distracted by everyone else’s problems and offers of reward for small errands. In for a penny, in for a pound. As one task was pursued, two would cross their path and be added to their list. Each curse and concern intertwined. What role do these undertakings play in the psyche of our aggregate nomads? Does the Necrodancer serve as the┬ásource for these traveler’s and trader’s dilemmas?

Key Notes –

– The women of Low Torch are cursed by a hasty pregnancy of which spiders of all shapes and amount burst forth without warning. The party was informed that possibly a Drow is hiding nearby and moving camp to uphold this curse to threaten the Crossroads Captain and demand the return of his matriarch and the captain’s head on a platter.

– The Crossroads Captain, a former military personnel with a small amount of armed guard at his disposal, was approached by a Drow Matriarch to take part in slaving operation without gain. In rage upon their next meeting he killed her and disposed of her body in the cemetery.

– The cemetery is an underground lake enchanted by the local cleric to preserve the bodies of those who rest in the bottom. There is a nearby map marking the “grave” of each cadaver so loved ones can revisit them at times and see them unchanged. Deep underwater the Rogue Collective discovered an underground current shifting the bodies and moving some out into a nearby river which flows to a lake.

– Low Torch above ground is cursed by moving statues at night who move from house to house attempting entry and assaulting any who cross their path. Those who have gone to fight them have never returned nor been seen again. The buildings are protected by runes and rooftop vanes used to protect each establishment from unwanted intruders. No one knows how many there are. The party has seen 3 different monoliths thus far.

– A large hunting party of competing champions are residing in the inn as a monster of sorts has been spotted in the woods nearby and there are a handful of rumors of which dangerous beast it could be.

– The Rogue Collective attempted to help an old man clear rats from his attic only to find thieves instead, admitting to robbing the old man of countless expensive artifacts and trinkets hidden in his attic. Owned by the one who previously lived in the estate. With one artifact remaining, a mirror, something went awry it was stolen by one of the thieves, or something that looked like him, and lost in a chase.

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