A Lost Scroll – Session 5 (October 23, 2017)

After disappearing for some time, an arch-nemesis of the Rogue Collective reappears as described in this brief entry from the lost scrolls:

The Rogue Collective, with no direction and in a land unfamiliar, plant roots to get a feel for their new homeland. With all quiet on the outskirts of civilization, the group decides to partake in a competitive hunt for a creature in the woods. With resistance from competition, the group comes out victorious taking the trophy from the beast. In a surprising twist, the cadaver and hand of the creature revertĀ into a halfling’s form. With no proof of a dead beast, the Collective gets no pot of gold. The party returns to Low Torch empty-handed. Soon after, as trade goods stopped showing up at their destination, lost on the dangerous roads of travel, military powers make their way to the crossroads. Their intent seems to be to take note of the reason and issue a replacement for the corrupt captain of the guard. The Rogue Collective inform the replacement of all that’s occurred and as a reward, they are fed, outfitted and offered a place on the military coterie of “The Pasiphae Scions”.

The night before their planned march to nearby Barmesa Harbor to receive a proper welcome to arms, the Collective wakes to find themselves chained within a room similar to the tunnels they just fought from months before. Releasing themselves they come to find out they are captive within a “school”. A university that focuses solely on the methods of immortality, it is run by a headmaster and his council, ll of whom answer to the Necrodancer.

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