Brina’s Journal Entry – Session 6 (October 30, 2017)

The following entry comes from Brina Moonwhisper’s journal:

I start out in the town of Low Torch. After spending some time seeking new knowledge, I’ve determined there is nothing here worth my time investigating further. I spot a wagon with several individuals apparently heading out of town to Barmesa Harbor. I approach them and ask if I can join them. The most talkative one is a Minotaur! There is also a half-elf that appears to be a holy man, the driver of the wagon, and another individual on the back. I convince them to let me tag along when a halfling appears out of the back of the wagon. I guess maybe he was shy or something.

We travel down through a dense forest. Despite some misgivings, we make it through one day with no trouble. I rest and end up on watch with the Minotaur. I decide to scout down the road a bit using some stealth. Attempt not only to detect what may be watching us, but I also hope this might lure them out into the open. In fact, that does happen as four wild creatures attack the party. The focus appears to be on the horse, which they succeed in killing. I manage to get off a few fire bolts but need to work on my aim. We kill one of the beings – wolves perhaps – before the rest are scared off.

We travel on down the road and get some more rest before continuing on. As we think we are getting near the end, I notice one of the fellows from the party – Gerrick – has fallen back rather suspiciously. My senses were right as he suddenly darts into the woods as we are surrounded by another party.

I note the halfing appears to be casting a spell that puts one of the party to sleep from behind us. Meanwhile, I slip into the woods and launch fire bolt strikes on the other two individuals up the road. I score some light hits before having to turn my attention to some goblins that attack the cart. A fierce battle erupts before they grab a mirror from the cart and take off through the woods.

Questioning the prisoner (who had been put to sleep), the minotaur gets rather rough with him in an attempt to glean information. He even convinces the holy man to participate by reviving the prisoner at one point. This is just a bit disconcerting to me, although it is effective.

The minotaur – Jax – is eager to go after them and the halfling – Raylin – is ready to go along. I agree as does the holy man – Maldor, though he is a clumsy soul when it comes to traveling through the woods.

We break through and discover some warthogs eating some unusual looking mushrooms. One charges us and is killed by the mMinotaur Another one is killed, but not by us. Rather it was shot by a dwarf named Reynold Birkenhead. He reluctantly agrees to take us to the Serpent Bloom estate where we believe the party that stole the mirror is headed.

Arriving there we note the small house is mostly boarded up. A tube with an ear sculpture is visible as is a riddle:

Seldom seen

Yet often heard

By all invoked

Yet never learned

A velvet touch

Yet hard as glass

Speak its name

And you shall pass

The party decides it has no time to solve this riddle, so Raylin unlocks the door. We spot an iron golem in the vestibule, but it is sleeping. It appears we avoided waking it by not speaking an answer to the riddle into the ear. Inside the house we find nothing of value, although we do kill a goblin on the second floor and I obtain a crossbow.

We find a dumbwaiter to carry us down to a lower level. I proceed down with Raylin where we surprise three more goblins in the room below. Thanks to the minotaur falling down the shaft, we lose surprise, but manage to kill two of the three goblins. The other escapes down a passage. Fter picking up some Thunderboog in a couple gold bottles and some gold pieces, we head down the passage.

Unfortunately, Jax sets off a trap and falls into a pit suffering an injury. Getting him out we proceed. We come upon a door surrounded by keys, which I determine are coated in something unusual – likely poison. Down another passage we spot a werebear behind bars. I determine it is actually an illusion though concealing a door.

We enter and find a man named Englebrecht. He is apparently the caretaker for the house and tends to the owner – Hannibal – and his party. He blames them for a variety of thefts, including our mirror. Although he does not appear to be happy with Hannibal, it takes some convincing to get him to help us figure out how to open the door with the keys. He agrees to give us the deed to the estate if we kill Hannibal.

I do find a mantle in here and upon examining it – sky blue in color – I put it on. I discover that I can apparently turn invisible upon shutting my eyes and I sense I could understand animals if I needed to.

We enter the room only to have the door snap shut behind us. An apparition of a beautiful woman descends from the ceiling, claiming to be Hannibal’s wife/girlfriend and she mocks us for our intent to rid the estate of Hannibal. She summons some ooze creatures from the floor and a battle ensues. I focus mainly on the ooze creatures as the woman is ephemeral and our attacks seem to do no harm.

Once we destroy the ooze creatures, our focus turns to the woman. I determine that we have to in fact get close to her to draw her into our plane of existence so that we can attack her. In the course of the battle I save Maldor from certain death.

With victory, we head down another passage and find the remains of a party at the bottom of a ladder. We spot what appears to be an upside down version of Raylin going up. Our mirror is still missing. I find an amulet on one of the individuals – presumably Hannibal – that I discern is an amulet of proof against detection.

Upon getting back outside, we find Reynold dead from arrows. Jax is able to guide us back through the dense jungle to our cart, which has been destroyed. We find some blood that we presume was from the driver – Comes. There are no other signs of life.

Back to the estate, Englebrecht delivers the deed, so it seems a base of operations has been established.

My new party seems to be nice enough and we work well together, so I think I will stick with them for the time being to see what new adventures we may find.

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