Brina’s Journal Entry – Session 7 (November 06, 2017)

The following is another entry from Brina Moonwhisper’s journal:

After the events of our journey to Barmesa Harbor and securing the Serpent Bloom estate, I awoke to find myself in a dark pit with some goopy liquid (smells like waste) up to my knees. The pit is open at the top – about 30’ up – judging by the light. Surprisingly, there is someone in the pit with me. I ascertain she is friendly and as it eventually turns out, her name is Melody and she is a singing bard. While in the pit I  I call out and lo and behold, Jax answers me. We eventually get out with the help of Jax, Raylin and Maldor. I discover they have more friends – Smich, a holy warrior and Tyvarius, a wood elf like myself who has pursued the fighting arts.

Once out of the pit, I find that we are in a stone structure and our friends – old and new – have no equipment, which they seek. Jax, in his typical bullheaded-ness, opens a door in his search for his battle axe and we find some of the acolytes of this place – called Novitiates – who appear to be torturing two beings chained to a wall. A battle ensues in which I help by casting some some fire bolts and we eventually prevail.

Upon examining the chains on the prisoners, I determine they are imbued and were formed with a very strong, ancient magic. Clearly, someone did not want these beings to escape. We do free them though in hopes they recognize we are allies. They introduce themselves as Sergt, a god of winter, misfortune and the Gate to Hel (his realm) and Eloi Rabbit, the god of wine, slaughter and “reverse the river”. I must do some more research on these beings.

After a brief discussion, Sergt opens a portal to his realm and the two flee. Unfortunately, I capture a glimpse of Hel and it is so disturbing it brings to my knees as I feel mortally wounded. Fortunately, my friend Maldor is able to heal me.

Our group proceeds to the next level unsure of whether we may eventually benefit from rendering aid to Sergt and Eloi Rabbit.

On the next floor, we enter a room where we discover three individuals – the Headmaster of this location who is named Voltron(?), Counselor Whitmore whom the rest of the party seems to be familiar with, and another unnamed individual. We also learn this place is apparently called the Halls of Ivy. The Headmaster tells us that we are free to stay or go, but all of the belongings of the rest of the group are gone. He also tells us that eventually we are expected to be at a location where a being called the Necrodancer will complete his summoning of the Nightmare Anathema and we are to be part of the audience. We are each provided a mask and binoculars for the event.

We are told that Jarwick Timbers, a gnome, was responsible for disposing of the group’s belongings.

The Headmaster leaves with the other individual, followed by Whitmore who warns us to do as we are told. We attempt to go after him only to have some mysterious vines entwine us and tie us to the walls. I do succeed in hitting Whitmore with a fire bolt. Unfortunately, his magic is far too strong for me and the party and we are rendered helpless.

Once free, we escape to the courtyard to be confronted by none other than Jarwick Timbers. He tries to stop us from leaving, but Melody uses some trickery on him to render him incapacitated.

We set off for Barmesa, once again going through the forest we traveled last week. We find our old cart and a short while later some statues of men in the road. We eventually meet Kelby, a trader on the road. He strikes a deal with us to provide us with 20 gp if we agree to kill a medusa who has been terrorizing this section of the road.

We proceed to find the medusa’s lair, which is actually a crypt within a graveyard. After exploring the crypt, we determine that the medusa had plans to meet her lover, whom she has been concealing her true identify from. We think we have found this man, frozen as a statue. We also find letters from the medusa creature expressing her sorrow about how things have worked out.

Eventually, we find her and discover that she has died from wounds apparently inflicted by Kelby and his fellow “bandits”. Upon delivering her head, we get Kelby to admit that they were, in fact, hunting her down purely out of anger and fear. He appears to be a particularly nasty individual, so we decide to do no more business with him.

We make our way to Barmesa for some much-needed rest and in hopes of re-supplying our group.

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