Brina’s Journal Entry – Session 08 (November 13, 2017)

Another entry from Brina Moonwhisper’s journal regarding the activities of the Rogue Collective:

Upon our arrival at Barmesa, we are met by a holy man who goes by the name Tally. I am told by my compatriots that he is a member of their party. He informs us that he has been off on a sabbatical to communicate with his gods. Besides some knowledge he has gained regarding the war between the gods and the peoples, he says he is now on a mission to protect the world. However, he has not advised where this will lead him/us or how we are to accomplish this task.

Meanwhile, upon entering the town of Barmesa, we are taken to the Sgt. Major (Fletcher). We request our goods taken by Jarwik Timbers and we describe his double-dealing and treachery against the Scion. Fletcher says he is going to send someone to check out our story of the Hall of Ivy before deciding what to do with us. He does tell us to stay in town until he verifies the information. Until then, he leaves us temporarily in the care of Sgt Sheerman.

Sheerman shows us where the parties weapons and armor ended up, but all gold is missing. We proceed to a pub/inn for a meal and to obtain information. Once there, e learn of some of the factions in Barmesa. Of note to me is Alnay Helmund, the mediator for the university and Regina Blinkmore, the headmaster of the university. Allegedly neither are open to allowing visitors to the university, but perhaps I can obtain their good graces at some point.

We also learn of a fellow, a tiefling, named Avarice who oversees the quarry. Tyvarious is interested in visiting the quarry as well as they allegedly hold fights there and he thinks he can win us some gold piece. Upon our arrival, we pool the few gold pieces we have and Tally places a bet on Tyvarious for a fight. Most of us downplay his skill – all except Smich the paladin who tells everyone that Tyvarious is a master fighter.

Tyvarious easily beats his opponent with a single strike, prompting Avarice to appear and accuse us of cheating him out of his money. He sends guards to attack us and grabs Raylin. In the process, Avarice reveals he is winged and flies up in to the air with Raylin. A battle ensues and I prepare to cast a feather fall spell on Raylin should Avarice drop him. In the course of battle I also destroy one of the guards with a magic missile. Finally I offer to Avarice that we should settle this without battle especially as we have demonstrated that we are a superior fighting force. He demands his money back, tosses Raylin over the wall, and leaves.

We gather back up and find a few gold pieces scattered about – around as much as we started with. We are also met by Sheerman who claims our actions are disappointing as we apparently disturbed the peace of Barmesa.

Returning to the Dirty Werebear, we rest and then get some information on how we may help the citizens of Barmesa. They have had several recent disappearances and we agree to attempt to solve the mysteries. Our first stop is a couple who claims an owl in their house is actually their child. After determining the owl is imbued with magic, we cast a spell to dispel the magic. This revealed the owl was in fact their child. Needless to say, they were very happy we had discovered the truth.

We then met with a man whose son had wandered down to the shipyard and disappeared. Although we found no sign of him, we determined the same individual involved with owl boy was present here as a well – a black crow being. We determined that he is apparently kidnapping children, perhaps for the Hall of Ivy to experiment upon. In the course of our deliberation, we cast a dispel magic upon Smich’s baby dragon to discover it was actually a young girl. She too was returned to the Barmesa authorities for re-uniting with her family.

We then traveled to a place in Barmesa overgrown with a purple plant. Were it not for the maze-like mind of my friend Jax the minotaur, I fear we would have been lost forever. Fortunately, he got us out along with some vials of a substance called “the Royal Honey”. This appears to be a substance that clouds the mind of those who ingest it. I convinced my fellow travelers to let me keep a vial for further research and study (and perhaps use in my arcane arts) as the Barmesa folks wanted the rest destroyed.

Finally, we met a fellow whose daughter was missing. Unlike the others, we figured out she had been placed inside a hollowed out statue. As her health failed and she wailed out in anguish, it caused the statue to produce a lovely sound. Thus, the keeper of the statue had kept kidnapping others, placing them in there, then producing this “music” over and over causing the deaths of many. That practice has now been ended.

After these events, Fletcher’s envoy returned and confirmed our story about the Hall of Ivy and Jarwik Timbers. Fletcher shared with us that his men were currently engaged in a battle with a Genosi druid living in the sewers of Barmesa. We may perhaps pursue this druid to further enhance our standing with the Scions and inhabitants of Barmesa.

All of the knowledge we gleaned has raised some questions for me. Was the being that killed my parents one of the gods that is fighting in the eternal battle? Were my parents members of one of the coterie? If so, which one. We also learned of the Penumbra of Veil that is aligned with the Scions, both groups trying to score their first killing of a god. It is still unclear to me whether we should be aligned with them. There also stills seems to be no connection between the Scion, any of the coterie or gods, and the Necrodancer and his nefarious plans.

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