Brina’s Journal Entry – Session 09 (November 20, 2017)

Upon Fletcher ascertaining our position relative to the Scions, he called us to his office to offer us a couple jobs. One is to try to stop the Genosi Druid in the sewers that continues to attack the Scions, kidnapping them one at a time. The other is to stop an unknown figure that is hitting the secret weapons cache of the Scions.

Before explaining this though, I note that another Minotaur is present, apparently an envoy of some sort. This Minotaur and Jax get into a bit of an argument with the new Minotaur telling Jax he is an embarrassment to the clan and that he should disappear. Meanwhile, Jax states that he and the clan understand that he is on his own journey. Tells the Minotaur envoy he should not return.

We opt for the weapons cache job. We inspect the first location that was hit. There are signs of magical fire being used. However, no weapons are missing – just boxes of magical artifacts. There are also no footprints.

Sheerman takes us to another one. I am able to tell there are magic artifacts inside, Divination in nature.  We proceed to the other cache, which is outside the gate. On the way there, we note a small temple for the Devout of the Gargantuan Worm and Olred Langley, the keeper of the lands (a dwarf). At the outside location, I again cast a spell to detect magic and find Enchantment based items are present.

We decide to stake out the first location. Sheerman gives me and Melody each a Rock of Far Speech with which to communicate with each other from a distance. Sheerman sets up on the outside location where Raylin has used some alarm chalk to mark the entrance.

While we wait, Raylin says the alarm is going off at the other location. However, we are unable to contact Sheerman via the rocks. We start that way, then spot a figuring jumping over the wall headed to our location. We return and resume our vigil.

I hear a figure approach the door of the cache and work the lock. Upon opening my eyes there is a figure there. Jax has attacked, so I cast a Ray of Frost. It appears that I hit, yet the figure moves and the ray strikes the wall. The being then casts some spell that turns the street into water and I find myself up to my waist in the flowing current which is quite strong. I see Jax and Maldor enter the cache, so decide I should as well, but I do cast my spell of Mirror Image on myself should I find myself in close battle.

Upon entering, it is clear there is much magic in play as there are several of each of us. After a short time, I determine who the true individuals are, including the creature that entered. As a fight ensues, I note that we are struggling with the creature and it is attempting to flee the room with the magic items it placed in a bag from the boxes. Being by the door, I close it, then cast a Minor Illusion of a bricked up doorway, tricking the creature into staying in the room. Forced to fight, we eventually succeed in getting the creature to reveal itself as Lovelean Pinkerton, a female gnome. This comes at a cost as a couple party members are badly injured.

Pinkerton explains that she is collecting the items to do battle and destroy Whitmore. Upon hearing this name, we explain that we too have a desire to find Whitmore. Grudgingly, Pinkerton agrees to join forces with us. We do note that we will have to conceal this alliance from Fletcher who wanted the head of the thief.

We proceed out of town to a waiting boat and cross to an island with Pinkerton. She shows us an entrance to a cave, sealed with a riddle:

He stands at the beginning of eternity,

At the end of time and space,

And the beginning of every end,

And the end of every place.

I deduce that it is the letter E, which opens the doors. This reveals some rat like creatures and a giant Oni. The rats immediately attack Raylin, who is next to me. Our warriors engage the Oni while I  proceed to assist Raylin with magic missiles and a fire bolt being hurled at the rat creatures. Upon defeating them, I turn to the Oni and cast a Witch Bolt. Eventually we prevail.

Realizing we are somewhat spent from the battle, we take a short rest before proceeding into the caves. We find a long hallway and end up trapped in it while the ceiling falls. I jump in a small pit with Raylin and Melody only to find it is a tiger trap. I do not get hurt from the fall thanks to my Feather Fall spell, but Raylin is mortally wounded. Fortunately we get him out and Maldor is able to revive him.

Moving on to the next room, we discover a room full of books and a table covered with gold. The party starts to take the gold and I foolishly join them. This turns out to be yet another trap as the doors close. The gold infects our gold, making it indistinguishable. Only by returning all of the gold – including what we came in with – are we able to get the doors to open. This appears to be our only choice.

We decide to keep some books before proceeding.

I am starting to figure out my place in the party, providing long distance firepower when needed. However, it is clear that I can be more useful by cleverness with my spells to help my fellow travelers. I also realize I need to be more cautious in our journeys. As much as I like Jax and Tyvarius and Raylin, they tend to be a bit impulsive and always seeking the treasure without looking at potential downfalls. This has cost us more than once.

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