Brina’s Journal Entry – Session 11 (December 04, 2017)

Upon payment for solving the case of the weapons caches being robbed, we meet with Dominion who is Fletcher’s second in command (possibly replacing Sheerman?). Dominion informs us that Fletcher has left for diplomatic purposes. We surmise it is with the Minotaur that Fletcher was meeting with earlier.

Dominion also informs us that due to the conflict between Jax and the Minotaur envoy, the Scions will be cutting their ties to us. We may still work with them when as part of a deal, but we are no longer beholden to them and they will no longer provide protection to us.

We also learn Pinkerton has taken Whitmore’s body to the temple of the worms outside town for his body to be slowly and painfully consumed.

The party I am with agrees to seek lodging at an inn and we get some time to rest. I use some of my time to record the Speak with the Undead spell into my spellbook. This appears to be a spell peculiar to those who are in tune with nature (Druids). I look through some of the other books we retrieved from the underground lair on the island and discover spells for both Arcane Lock and Blur. These appear to be special incantations of these spells that I am able to quickly commit to memory like my basic spells (cantrips) and do not leave my mind nor do they consume any of my magical fortitude (slots). I also cast an Identify spell on my mantle and determine that it is actually a Mantle of Gullibility. It functions to convince the wearer that whatever it is suggested the mantle does, they will believe it. This could prove useful at some future time.

After resting, we spend a day traveling back to the Serpent Bloom estate and introduce our party members that have joined us to the abode and our domo, Englebrecht. Before leaving for there, we consulted with the gods using the Scrybones of Divinity to determine the Deck of Many Things will be safe there.

On our way there, we do encounter an orc with some bandits and wolves who attempt to rob us. We engage in battle and I use a Minor Illusion spell to make the sound of a dragon in the woods. This is effective in scaring off the two bandits. The rest of the party succeeds in battling the orc and the wolves until they run off or in the case of the orc, die at our hands.

While resting at the Serpent Bloom, we decide as a party to draw a single card each from the Deck of Many Things. Upon determining the Deck has not been shuffled, I use my portent powers to draw the Sun card. I am immediately picked up to another plane where great amounts of knowledge and understanding are opened to my mind. Upon returning, I discover that I have (gained levels to 7th) learned new spells, have greater ability to withstand damage, I am more proficient at all I do, and I am wearing new Boots of Elvenkind.

Our group decides that we should return to Barmesa and attempt to rid the area of some Genasi pirates. When we get back, we find the problem has become so bad that everyone is fleeing Barmesa. I suggest that if we prevail against the pirates, it may put us in a position to be equal to the Scions when it comes to the citizens of Barmesa potentially making it a new base of operations for us. The rest of the party seems somewhat skeptical of this, but agree this would be a good pursuit for our group.

We head down to the dockyard where we are joined by several Scions. At the same time, numerous Genasi pirates start toward us from the harbor. Apparently they are water Genasi.

In the initial steps of battle, I hurl a Fireball at two of the Genasi causing significant damage (21 pts each). Another Genasi uses some magic to transport himself next to me. That was quite scary being so close to an enemy. Fortunately, I am able to get a Magic Missile spell off and thanks to some prior damage, I kill the Genasi. The other two that I hit earlier were also destroyed by members of the group in subsequent action.

After that close call, I move behind some Scions for defensive purposes and start preparing my next move. Perhaps a Haste spell on my fellow wood elf Tyvarius?

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