Brina’s Journal Entry – Session 12 (December 11, 2017)

We are still in the middle of battle with the Genasi pirates at the dockyards of Barmesa. From my position, I cast a FireBolt on a Genasi inflicting 15 points of damage. I am mainly trying to support Smich and Tyvarius who are fighting Genasi on the dock.

Unfortunately, both Smich and his warrior companion Grimhelm are captured by nets thrown by yet more Genasi from the water.

I cast yet another FireBolt, but this one misses. Out of the corner of my eye I note that Jax struggles with a swing and appears to accidentally strike Melody. In retaliation, she casts a Hellish Rebuke upon him injuring him as well. That does not seem very good and is now the second time that her lack of reliability, even evil nature(?), has brought harm to our party.

I move behind a building at the edge of the dockyard with intentions of circling it and then gaining surprise. Unfortunately, more Genasi move through the alley as they are trying to flee with children from Barmesa. Thanks to my cover though, I am able to get off two sneak attacks on the Genasi with FireBolts, causing 14 and 18 points of damage, killing the Genasi (my first single-handed kill!!!).

With our success apparently almost complete in driving the Genasi from Barmesa, a new, bigger, meaner looking Genasi arises from the water and declares his name Torrent. He queries our group as to why we are aiding the Scions. Jax challenges Torrent and tells him that Genasi cannot harm the children of Barmesa, but we would not interfere if they limit their fight to only the Scions. Torrent refuses to agree to this, so Jax, Tyvarius and Smich all engage him. I am still hiding in the shadows of the building far from where Torrent is located.

As the battle commences, Torrent summons a huge Aboleth from the dock. It surges up and destroy a ship, creates a wall of water, and starts to attack our party. The position is very difficult for me to be effective, but I cast a Wall of Fire in an attempt to separate the Aboleth from our warriors. It appears the gods interfere with my spell though, causing the flames to extend from both sides placing my party in peril. Fortunately, they all jump out of the way. In the meantime, I dole out 28 points of damage on the Aboleth.

Torrent does manage to get off a spell that blinds me for one turn, but I do maintain concentration and keep up the Wall of Fire, eventually helping to destroy the Aboleth. Torrent, likewise, is vanquished.

After all of this, Dominion – the Scion leader left in charge – still refuses to help our party claiming he cannot run afoul of the directions given by Fletcher. He does tell us that his sister named Devotion, who is with the Penumbra of Veil located in Ecru, may be able to assist us. He also, very reluctantly, decides to provide us with a small, roughly made sloop that we can use to sail across to Ecru.

As we debate our next plans, Melody informs us that she is going to leave us to go in search of clues for the hearts of the party that are missing. She apparently misinterprets the need for rest and healing at the Serpent Bloom as inattention to the need to find the hearts. I find this very odd and once again, a sign that she should probably not be trusted.

We do decide to use the Epitach to teleport back to the Serpent Bloom for rest. Just before I head in, Alnae Helmethe from the University shows up and motions to me. I speak to her and she tells me that any contact with magic leaves a trail. Yet I do not seem to leave a trail although I seem to be impacted by a blighted arcane energy of some unknown source.

Alnae tells me that all magic lies in math and algorithms that can be discovered. She tells me that if I destroy my arcane focus she can provide me with the ability to know the fate of my parents. She also tells me the other alternative is to be taught this sacred geometry that will enable me to get retribution, but the cost will be great and it will consume me if I head down that path. She then hands me a stone of far speech and tells me to contact her with my answer.

Back at the Serpent Bloom, our party rests and I spend a day creating a copy of my spell book. I place it in a chest and cast Arcane Lock upon it to secure it. But first I contact Alnae and inform her that I elect to learn the secret geometry. I would rather learn this and avenge my parents rather than give up my focus and “shortcut” vengeance.

Upon studying the map of places, we determine to head to Ecru, an outpost for the Penumbra of Veil. The community itself is made up of farmers who mostly work at The Digs, a series of caverns where food is grown underground.

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