Brina’s Journal Entry – Session 13 (December 18, 2017)

On our way to Ecru, Alnae appears on our sloop using her own teleportation portal. She has a large tome in her hand and tells me it contains all the knowledge I will ever need to learn the secrets of the geometry that lie behind all of reality. The tome is called the Deciphorous Legerdemain.

The rest of the party speaks with her as well. She is not very helpful, but promises to research the Necrodancer for us. She also recognizes the Nightmare Anathema as a bad tale/myth of old. She also tells us a tale of McLeer(?) who was the God of the Sea (this also happens to be Tally’s god of worship). According to the tale, a storm formed apparently by McLeer. The people in the town sent out their warriors Рknown as the Citadel. They were gone for a while, but eventually the storm ends and McLeer is never seen again. It is thought the Citadel may have killed McLeer, the first time a god had been killed.

We land south of Ecru and are met by guards at a dock. I inform them that we seek audience with Devotion and were sent by her brother, Dominion. They ask why they were not informed of our visit by Dominion and I let them know that Genasi pirates – that we engaged with the help of Dominion – had laid siege to Barmesa. Devotion shows up and it appears she is in charge of this guard attachment.

Devotion tells us she is not sure she can be of any help, but perhaps we could seek audience with Lt. Farnham (a human). Eberon Farmane is next above Farnham. On the way, we may want to stop in at the Digs. Apparently they have had to close off the Digs because troglodytes keep kidnapping/killing the miners. Devotion points us on our way to the Digs.

On the way there, we are ambushed by two giant spiders. The battle with our party is fast, but I do manage to cast a Ray of Frost on one (17 damage).

We arrive at the Digs and meet Farnham. He seems reluctant to accept our aid or let us into the tunnels although he does let us examine maps of the tunnels. He explains to us that they seem to constantly move, so they are having trouble ridding the caverns of troglodytes. He then challenges us to a contest to see who can resolve the issue in the Digs first.

As we head in through one of the entrances, the guard warns us: Weakness is not in the nature of the swarm.

We head through some tunnels until we come to a room where the floor shifts out from under us. I cast a Feather Fall spell to stop everyone, except Jax, from falling to the level below. We battle a small band of troglodytes. I cast Haste on Tyvarius, though that quickly reveals itself to be a bit of overkill. Oh well – too late to get that slot back.

We head down a cavern and come upon a large number of troglodytes apparently fighting something we cannot see. The distance is great and we cannot see what it is. I propose having one of the minor casters in our group use their Light spell on the dinosaur creature Tally has summoned and have it run down through the troglodyte hoard to see what it can reveal.

The result is not good – an Umber Hulk is down there. We launch a battle against the Umber Hulk and against the troglodyte hoard which has started to turn on us as well. I cast a Fireball on the Umber Hulk causing significant damage (35 points) – note that I use my portent to ensure the Umber Hulk failed its saving throw. I then cast Haste on Jax so he will get another attack and try a FireBolt on the Umber Hulk, but that misses.

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