Initiative Rules

Initiative is no longer rolled with a d20 and then having an ability modifier added to the roll, e.g. DEX, WIS or INT mod added then highest goes first.

When battle commences, the group will be given an opportunity to discuss what each character plans to do with their turn within each round. This is to reflect in an abstract manner all the time the members of the group have spent together and the battles won/survived and your ability to anticipate each other’s movements in the battlefield.

Depending on your planned action, the dice you roll will be:

Ranged Attack – d4
Melee Attack – d8
Spell – d12
Anything else – d6

If you wish to swap gear (don and doff) or use a bonus action, add a d8 to your first die rolled.

For example, Tyvarius wants to attack with his hammer and then use a bonus action to rage, he would roll d8 for the melee attack, then another d8 to rage and add the results together.

If you wish to move, you add a d6 to your first roll.

For example, if Tyvarius wants to move then attack he would roll a d6 then a d8 and add the results together.

Once the results of the rolls are determined, ability modifiers will be applied. Instead of adding the modified, the mod will be subtracted from the roll results to arrive at a final number. For example, if Brina plans to cast a spell, she would roll a d12 then subtract her INT mod from the roll to arrive at her initiative number.

Depending on rolls and modifiers applied, it will be possible for negative initiative numbers to be generated, e.g. a -4 will go before -1 which goes before a 3.

Lowest initiative rolls go first. This shows that a player can shoot an arrow faster than another player can run across the battlefield and swing an axe. Or a player can swing an axe faster than a caster can recite and perform somatic movements for their spell.

Initiative will be re-rolled every round to allow for The Rogue Collective to adapt to their situation and better strategize.

If you choose to attack on your turn and did not roll to move and the opponent you chose to attack dies, you may choose to roll a dice (d6 for movement as specified) to increase your initiative number allowing you to adapt and move and act, but pushing your turn later into the round.

Ability modifier are now applied in the inverse to aid your turn in intiative, and they now only apply to the action you take.

i.e. – Raylin shoots his bow, he would roll a d4 for a ranged attack, then subtract his dex. mod. instead of adding it as we have in the past.

Brina casts fireball, she would roll a d12, then subtract her int. mod. since int. is her casting ability