Collective Magic Items

The items on this list were obtained from Pinkerton as our reward for helping her get to Whitmore to exact her revenge. She had stolen these items from the chests kept in the caches hidden in Barmesa Harbor by the Scions. In addition to these items, the Rogue Collective found a Deck of Many Things on Whitmore. The Deck is currently in the possession of the Necrodancer after he stole it from Serpent Bloom.

The Nitpicker (Raylan)

The Nitpicker is a highly sarcastic, cantankerous humanoid resembling a garden gnome. Twice a day, it can be brought into the presence of a lock, wherein it becomes animated and picks the lock. While working, the Nitpicker criticizes the members of the party on their recent performance in the campaign.

Aegis of Heroic Recapture (Smich)

This perfectly round silver shield initially has a mirror finish. As a hero takes it into battle it remembers the enemies encountered, gaining a +1 to AC on any subsequent battle with creatures of that type. The events of the battle are intricately engraved onto the shield’s surface (which has a seemingly endless capacity for detail).
The bearer of the shield may also attempt to recount past battles (real or imagined) to the shield. Upon a DC 10 charisma check or DC 15 bluff check, the shield confers a +1 AC against the creatures described in the tall tales.
3 failed attempts at recounting stories cause the shield to be cleared of all of its memories. The engravings disappear as it reverts to its mirror finish. All bonuses are lost

Scrybones of Divinity (Brina)

The bones enable the bearer to ask the Dungeon Master a yes-or-no question once per day.

Stones of Farspeech (3 – Brina, Melody, Raylan)

These stones can be used to communicate with whoever is holding the other stones. Just speak into it. When receiving, it will sound like the person’s voice is coming from the stone. Unclear what the range is.

Epitaph of Travel – (Melody)

This is magical chalk that can be used to open a teleportation portal to another location. The chalk is used to inscribe a magical circle on the ground. Dirt from the desired location is sprinkled in the center as an incantation is recited. Once the portal opens, anyone can walk through to the new location. The portal does stay open for a short amount of time, so it is possible that others not part of the party can go through if not otherwise stopped. While open, you can see the location you are attempting to travel to.

The Rogue Collective has dirt pouches from the following locations to use:

  • The front of Serpent Bloom
  • Outside the main gate to Barmesa Harbor
  • “The Library” top floor (currently does not seem to work)
  • “The Dock” located south of the Digs
  • Somewhere within the Digs
  • The southern entrance to Ecru
  • The courtyard of the Phyto Florean Combine in Disentia Township
  • Mountain top where we fought a stone giant (name pending)

Kismet Compass (Jax)

A compass, ornate and golden, that spins wildly when not being held. However, in the hands of any being, the compass become stable. It points in a different direction for each holder, and the holder feels almost called by the device, as though it was always waiting for them to grasp it. The holder of the compass has an unwavering curiosity towards the destination of the compass, and will always have at least a slight urge to head the direction it points.

Some say that the compass points to the holder’s soul mate, others say it points to their greatest desire in the world, and there are those who say that it points to where the holder will meet their demise.

The device was used by the gnome illusionist to track down Whitmore at the Library.