The Martial Coteries

Pasiphae Scions

Base of operations: Barmesa Harbor

Motto: No rest. No Mercy. No matter what.

Summary: Be the leader, territorial, when you’re a hammer everything looks like a nail, have what everyone else has, remove any source of chaos and the unknown, create a safe world, convince Natal Races to join cause.

Key members:

Sergeant Major of The Pasiphae Scions – Ehrhardt Fletcher, Dragonborn

Command Major – Eliseo Loki, Halfling

Master Sergeant – Dominion, Tiefling

Sergeant 1st Class

Sergeant – Ridley Shearman, Human



The Penumbra Veil

Base of operations: Ecru (? – possibly)

Motto: Your pleas for death shall go unheard.

Summary: Hoard advantage, steal, control, become omnipresent and inescapable and most importantly untouchable, make it necessary to go through us for everything, make all others dependent, be the best (cheapest, fastest, most secure, etc.)

Key Members:

Monarch – Egidius Hampton, Dwarf

Admiral – Ynes Cursecaller, Triton

Warlord/Archmage – (Archmage) Battiste Stonebridge, ½ Orc






Known by others as The Bitter Breath, The Carriers, Mephitic Respite, Miasmic Trial

Base of operations: Disentia Township

Motto: Despite our hunger, we are slow eaters.

Summary: Surpass all limits, have more questions than answers, hell is boredom and idle hands, deities are a means to more.

Key members:

Designer – Leoda Ark, ½ Elf Kindred

Lord – Marmoreal, Earth Genasi

Siege Priest – Madolen Amarant, Scarecrow





Keepers of Crown Cadaverous

Base of operations: ???

Motto: The wind sings our name. Our foes scream it.

Summary: Parade your power, celebrate at every opportunity, use your power to your advantage, no limits on its use or manipulation, complete every collection, obtain perfection, leave nothing unfinished.

Emperor – Innilith Dawnflare, Elf

Warden – Hatchet Split, Kenku

Demolition – Avery Denholm, Gnome




The Tarrasque

Base of operations: Tarrasque Conclave in S. Autmunfelde

Motto: Careless, like a child with fire, so are we with time.

Summary: Reconciliation, radical equalism, atonement, abandon all links to the past, restart the realm.

Justicar –  Reinhold, ?

Sanction –  Raymond Kellen, Goliath

Order – Agustin Hammett, Aasimar




The Resolute

Base of operations: ???

Motto: Those who will not follow, are doomed to lead.

Summary: Heal the realm, obtain satisfaction through appeasement of celestials, widen the gap between the divine and the tethered, better yourself through study and understanding, solve the fate of Mannan mac Lir, there are no true laws other than in nature.

Key members: