The Rogues

Raylin Carjor, Halfling Rogue


Tyvarius, Elven Barbarian


Maldor, Human Cleric


Talieson, Human Paladin


Melody, Tiefling Bard


Jax Asterion, Minotaur Eldritch Knight

Jax is known as the wielder of The Sierra Blight, Reach of the Monolith. In some circles Jax is also known as Traitor Asterion, the Butcher of Barmesa, and Docent of the Hunt and the March. Jax Asterion is technically a “former” name for him. He was (is?) the heir to House Asterion.

Smich Peral, Dark Partisan of Tyr – Resolute of Justice

Grimhelm Wintermere, Havoc master of the middle kingdoms

Grimhelm is a follower of Smich Peral revealed through a draw from a Deck of Many Things.

Brina Moonwhisper, Elven Wizard

Larix Shadybog Timbers, Gnome Sage, Teacher and Writer

Known by his nickname, Shady. Shady is the only child to Bessy Stitchbuttons (daughter of Albus Stitchbuttons – a Gnomish coatmaker of some regard) and Gorgy Timbers.